vocabulaire religion anglais



Complétez le dialogue ci-dessous avec les mots suivants:

faith | atheist | devout | religious | agnostic

A: So, Paul, I hear you’re getting married. Will it be a church wedding?

B: Well, we haven’t decided yet. It’s a bit of a problem. Liz and I aren’t very
I’m actually an – I don’t believe in God and Liz is an

A: So, she can’t make up her mind if he exists or not! I can see your problem!

B: So, we’d really like to just have a civil ceremony, but her mum and dad are Catholics. Their is very important to them. So, they’ll be really upset if we don’t have a church wedding.

  1. religious
  2. atheist
  3. agnostic
  4. devout
  5. faith

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