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les suffixes anglais exercice

. proud ​2. child ​3. time ​4. free ​5. glad ​6. nice ​7. care ​8. cold ​9. cheer ​10. lone ​11. hope ​12. friend ​13. thought ​14. pain ​15. sure ​16. 0wner ​17. enjoy ​18. king ​ ​These suffixes may help you :- ​-ship, -er, -ful, -est, – ​ness, -ly, -ment, -ish, -hood, -dom, -less, -like ​ ​Find the definition of some of the ​new ​words you’ve found, ​write them down and then we’ll all try to guess what the ​words are.​
Here are some words you know. They are called ‘root’ ​words, and you can make other words from them. ​Make new words from the root words and write them in ​your book. ​ ​1. child ​2. free ​3. glad ​4. nice ​5. care ​6. cold ​17. hope ​18. friend ​ ​These suffixes may help you :- ​-ship, -er, -ful, -est, – ​ness, -ly, -ment, -ish, -hood, -dom, -less, -like

Here are some words you know. They are called ‘root’ ​words, and you can make other words from them by adding a ​suffix. ​Make new words from the root words and write them in your book. ​ ​1. proud ​2. child ​3. time ​4. free ​5. glad ​6. nice ​7. care ​8. cold ​9. cheer ​10. lone ​11. hope ​12. friend ​13. thought ​14. pain ​15. sure ​ ​These suffixes may help you :- ​-ship, -er, -ful, -est, – ​ness, -ly, -ment, -ish, -hood, -dom, -less, -like

exercice suffixes anglais full less

Complétez les phrases avec les mots suivants

beautiful wonderful careful thankful
careless harmless worthless powerless

1. Mom always said to be ________________ when crossing the street.
2. The spider that is on your show is completely ________________.
3. We are very ________________ for all the help that we received.
4. Last night’s sunset on the horizon was ________________.
5. I dropped my cell phone into the tub and now it is ______________.
6. Mark felt ________________ against the strong winds on the bay.
7. The musical the kids performed yesterday was ________________.
8. Suzy was ________________ and she broke mom’s favorite vase


+ truthful



Something, anything ou nothing ?


  1. Do you know  about Japan?
  2. I couldn’t see  in the dark.
  3. Bob asked her .
  4. I haven’t heard  of Sue for ages.
  5. Has  happened while I was away?
  6. Is there  I could do for you?
  7. There is  in your hair.
  8. He said  stupid.
  9. Did you buy ?
  10. There isn’t  in the fridge.
  11. I’ve got something in my eye.
    We haven’t heard anything about Peter. Is he ill?
    My teacher asked me something.
    Can I have something to drink?
    I don’t know anything about it.

    She said something but I didn’t understand anything.

    Have you got anything to eat?

    Do you know anything about London transport?

    Teach me something exciting.

    There is nothing to do in this city! I’m bored.

    What did Sarah say? Nothing. She didn’t say anything.

    Do you know anything about insects?
    There was nothing to do but wait until the next morning.

    I have nothing to say. I won’t speak.

    She did nothing but cry all day.

    There is nothing wrong with him. He’s fine.

    They are so different, she has nothing in common with him.


  1. Do you know anything about Japan?
  2. I couldn’t see anything in the dark.
  3. Bob asked her something.
  4. I haven’t heard anything of Sue for ages.
  5. Has anything happened while I was away?
  6. Is there anything I could do for you?
  7. There is something in your hair.
  8. He said something stupid.
  9. Did you buy anything?
  10. There isn’t anything in the fridge.

les distances en anglais

exercice 3

Utilisez les prépositions suivantes dans le texte:

  • in
  • on
  • to
  • into
  • from
  • by
  • via

1. Are you flying to Paris? > Well, we’ve thought about it. It’s only an hour . . . . plane. Driving isn’t really any cheaper and it’s much longer. It’s at least a hundred miles . . .. here …. the Tunnel, then it takes you over an hour by the time you queue. Then when you get to the other side, it’s a good two-hour drive …. Paris.

2. How far is it to Gothenburg? Harwich it’s a 36-hour ferry crossing.

3. How far away is your office? > It’s a fifteen-minute walk …. home, but the bus only takes five minutes.

4. How long is the flight to Tokyo? > The direct BA flight only takes about 11 hours, but we went …. Bangkok and it took over 24 hours. Never again!

5. Have you any idea how far it is . . Salisbury? > Well, if you go . . . . the coast road, it’ll probably take you over 3 hours, but if you take the A27, then you can probably do it . . .. just under two hours.

6. I’ve got to change airports when I get to London. How far is Gatwick …. Heathrow? > It depends which way you go. You could either take the tube …. (Central London, then get the train from Victoria, or you could just get the airport bus direct . . . . Heathrow. It’s only about 30 miles or so and the bus takes about an hour — possibly less.

conduire en anglais

Les panneaux



wild animals


steep hill

traffic lights

level crossing

predestrian crossing

maximum speed limit

No entry

Give way

One-way street

Bend ahead

No overtaking

Two way traffic

No right turn

End of motorway

voiture en anglais


  1. fasten
  2. change
  3. start
  4. take
  5. put

a. the handbrake off

b. gear

c. the headlights on

d. your seatbelt

e. the engine


(+ autres voc à utiliser, trouver des phrases d’exemple:  overtake , reverse, push, park, brake,