vocabulaire en anglais religion


Les termes religieux sont souvent utilisés de façon métaphorique. Utilisez les mots suivants pour compléter les phrases:

paradise | idolise | faith | pray | Bible | worships | Mecca | angel | shrine

1. You’ve done the washing up. You’re an absolute

2. Mark has fallen in love with a girl called Kirsty. He the ground she walks on!

3. We’ve just come back from a week in Barbados. It was absolute !

4. Brian was doing a great job at first but recently the ream have lost in him.

5. Most young boys David Beckham.

6. The Michelin guide is my when I go to France.

7. The barbecue is on Saturday. Let’s just it doesn’t rain.

8. Elvis Presley’s house in Memphis has been turned into a in his memory.

9. St Andrews is a for golfers from all over the world.

  1. angel
  2. worships
  3. paradise
  4. faith
  5. idolise
  6. Bible
  7. pray
  8. shrine
  9. Mecca

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