Vocabulaire anglais de la religion

EXERCICE 6: In church (à l’église)

Utilisez les mots suivants pour compléter les phrases: 

hymn | aisle | altar | pulpit | service | pew | lectern | sermon | font

  1. You walk down the 
  2. You sit in a 
  3. You sing a 
  4. The minister goes into the  to preach the 
  5. You attend a morning or evening 
  6. The main focus of most Christian churches is the 
  7. In many churches there is an open Bible on the 
  8. The  contains water which is used to baptise children.

  1. aisle
  2. pew
  3. hymn
  4. pulpit, sermon
  5. service
  6. altar
  7. lectern
  8. font

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