preposition anglais

Pour télécharger et imprimer en PDF gratuit cette page d’exercice en anglais, cliquez-ici ! Les réponses se trouvent en bas de page.

Complétez les phrases suivantes en utilisant la bonne réponse:

  1. My parents got married  2014.
  2. The library is  the left.
  3. We’re going   Thailand for our holidays.
  4. We borrowed the bikes  our father.
  5. There is a bridge  the lake.
  6. I saw Paul  the train.
  7. Be nice  your sister.
  8. Let’s meet  the morning, not  night.
  9. My friend lives  the house  the end of the street.
  10. They are not  home  the moment.
  11. Turn left  the traffic lights.
  12. She is not here, she is  holiday.
  13. E comes  F in the alphabet.
  14. The cat is sitting  the wall.
  15. Sarah left school  the age of 15.
  16. I’ll see you  Friday morning.
  17. Do not open the box  a knife!
  18. This bag belongs  our teacher.
  19. The film was very funny  the end.
  20. We’ve been here  three days now.

  1. in
  2. on
  3. to
  4. from
  5. across
  6. in
  7. to
  8. in / at
  9. in /at
  10. at / at
  11. at
  12. on
  13. before
  14. on
  15. at
  16. on
  17. with
  18. to
  19. at
  20. for

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