exercice preposition anglais

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Complétez les phrases suivantes avec la préposition qui convient: 

  1. I don’t agree  you.
  2. This book is very special  me.
  3. Look    the man  the picture. Who is he?
  4. The car crashed   a fence  the other side of the road.
  5. They apologized   the teacher  arriving late.
  6.   my opinion, you should wait   confirmation before booking your plane ticket.
  7. I’m tall   blond hair and blue eyes.
  8. Paul is so funny, he’s very good  telling jokes.
  9. I come   a small family.
  10. Match the pictures  the names.
  11. Thank you for offering to help. It’s very kind  you.
  12. Guess what I have  my bag?
  13. I really enjoyed this movie. What  you?
  14. I asked my neighbour to look   my cat when I went to London.
  15. The meeting is  February 12th   10 a.m.
  16. If you’re interested  working in Tokyo, you should apply  that job
  17. Paris is a big city, but it’s very different  London.
  18. The teacher got angry  me when I arrived late  the second time.
  19. I’m not familiar  this computer. Could you explain   me how it works?
  20. He wrote the text  French, then translated it  English.


  1. with
  2. for
  3. at/in
  4. into/on
  5. to/for
  6. in/for
  7. with
  8. at
  9. from
  10. with
  11. of
  12. in
  13. about
  14. after
  15. on/at
  16. in/for
  17. from
  18. with/for
  19. with/to
  20. in/into

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