Exercice anglais: les adverbes de fréquence

Exercice anglais adverbes de fréquence:

Où placer les adverbes de fréquence: always, never, hardly, often, rarely, sometimes et usually dans les phrases suivantes:

  1. We  to school by bike.
  2. Where do you  your winter holidays?
  3. We  each other.
  4. They  computers at work.
  5. He  home before 8 pm.
  6. They  friendly.
  7. The children  Disney movies.
  8. We  our bed.
  9. They  to the cinema.
  10. I have  crocodile meat.
  11. We  understand him.
  12. She  sport in the evening.
  13.  tea in the morning.
  14. My parents  strict.
  15. We  fishing at the river.
  16.  tired.
  17. She  his name.
  18. Paul doesn’t .
  19. She has  red wine.
  20.  my lunch at home.

  1. We always go to school by bike.
  2. Where do you usually spend your winter holidays?
  3. We hardly know each other.
  4. They sometimes use computers at work.
  5. He never gets home before 8 pm.
  6. They are always friendly.
  7. The children often watch Disney movies.
  8. We rarely make our bed.
  9. They often go to the cinema.
  10. I have never eaten crocodile meat.
  11. We could hardly understand him.
  12. She always does sport in the evening.
  13. usually drink tea in the morning.
  14. My parents are rarely strict.
  15. We sometimes go fishing at the river.
  16. I am often tired.
  17. She can never remember his name.
  18. Paul doesn’t usually smoke.
  19. She has never tried red wine.
  20. I always have my lunch at home.

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  1. Durieux dit :

    tres bien comme exercice pour les gens qui on des difficulté

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