exercices articles anglais a an the

Les articles en anglais exercices (a, an, the)

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Choisissez l’article approprié: a, an ou the?

  1. He is  excellent doctor.
  2. I need  phone.
  3. Sam told me  interesting story.
  4. My sister has  boyfriend.
  5. Does his name begin with  « F »?
  6. I watched  movie last night.
  7. Have you seen  TV show I told you about?
  8. I have  brother.
  9. Right now,  euro is stronger than  dollar.
  10. He has won  medal at the competion.
  11. Paul asked me to go to  library.
  12. She ate  whole pie.
  13. He travels with  pair of socks and  couple of shirts.
  14. There is  knife in the drawer.
  15. This man is  Einstein of our times.
  16. Do you have   mp3 player?
  17. There is  bridge over  Seine in Paris.
  18. I will go on a cruise down   Nile.
  19. He traveled around the world for a  year.
  20. Put  spoon on  table.

  1. an
  2. a
  3. an
  4. a
  5. an
  6. a
  7. the
  8. a
  9. the / the
  10. the
  11. the
  12. the
  13. a / a
  14. a
  15. the
  16. an
  17. a / the
  18. the
  19. a
  20. the / the

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