vocabulaire de l’ecole en anglais

EXERCICE 18: What teachers say

Complétez les phrases avec les mots suivants: 

  • do the exercises
  • correct
  • practise
  • listen carefully
  • repeat
  • hand in

1. I’m only going to play the rape once so .

2. OK everybody, after me: “I think l’ll call back later.”

3. Remember to some of what you’ve learned today outside the classroom.

4. I want you to on page 78 for homework and don’t forget you need to your essays on Friday.

5. I’m not going to every mistake you make. That would not be helpful.

Maintenant utilisez les formes correctes de ces expressions: 

  • make mistakes
  • write it down
  • revise
  • rub it out
  • look it up

6. If you’re not sure what something means, in your dictionary.

7. Whenever you hear a new word that you think is important,  in your notebook.

8. Don’t worry about . The important thing is to try to communicate.

9. Write the answers in pencil. Then if you get one wrong, you can and do it again.

10. Remember there’s a test tomorrow. So, spend a bit of time this evening.

1. listen carefully

2. repeat

3. practise

4. do the exercises, hand in

5. correct

6. look it up

7. write it down

8. making mistakes

9. rub it out

10. revising

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