École et études exercice anglais


Utilisez les verbes suivants

  • passed
  • graduated
  • sat
  • got
  • doing
  • applied

et ces mots pour compléter le texte:

  • primary
  • nursery
  • secondary
  • college
  • university
  • degree

When I was very young I went to a playgroup and then a (1)  school. When I was five, I started at the local (2) school.

School is compulsory in Britain for everybody between five and sixteen years old, but in lots of other countries children don’t start until they are seven.

My primary school was mixed, but when l was eleven, I went to an all—hoys (3) school. My favourite subjects were maths and English. After five years at secondary school, I decided to go to sixth form (4) .

In my last year in the sixth form I (5)  exams in four subjects — maths, physics, chemistry, and geography. I (6)  them all and (7) A grades in maths and physics.

I (8)  for a place at (9) to study astronomy. It was a three-year (10) course. I (11) with first class honours. I thought about (12) a postgraduate degree, but decided it was time to get a job and earn some money.

  1. nursery
  2. primary
  3. secondary
  4. college
  5. sat
  6. passed
  7. got
  8. applied
  9. university
  10. degree
  11. graduated
  12. doing

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