Vocabulaire anglais argent exercice

Vocabulaire anglais argent exercice

Exercice d’anglais gratuit à faire en ligne avec sa correction.

 Talking about your income

Complétez le dialogue suivant avec la forme correcte des verbes dans les phrases suivantes:

  • get £400 a week
  • earn pretty good money
  • make a lot more
  • get a rise

1. I’ve only just got enough to get by at the moment, but fortunately I  next month.

2. She wears some lovely clothes, doesn’t she?
> Yes, and she bought a Porsche recently, so I guess she

3. How’s the new job? Does it pay well?
> Not too bad. I after tax.

4. My basic wage is only £200 a week, but I  because I do so much overtime.

1. I’m getting a rise

2. earns pretty good money

3. get £400 a week

4. make a lot more

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