sentiments émotions anglais

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Faites correspondre les situations avec les sentiments ci-dessous:

  1. I can’t believe I got so drunk.
  2. I didn‘t expect the film to be so violent.
  3. Why didn’t you phone to say you’d be late?
  4. There’s a huge spider in the bath!
  5. They talked about computers all evening.
  6. I got the results back from the hospital today. They’re negative, thank goodness!
  7. When my daughter became a doctor, I was really pleased.
  8. She came home to find we’d organised a big party for her.
  • a.I‘m really frightened of them.
  • b. I felt so proud.
  • c. We were very worried.
  • d. I was so bored.
  • e. I’m so relieved.
  • f. She was so surprised.
  • g. I feel so ashamed.
  • h. I was quite shocked by it.


  • 1 g
  • 2 h
  • 3 c
  • 4 a
  • 5 d
  • 6 e
  • 7 b
  • 8 f

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