Phrasal Verbs keep

keep at it – to persist in doing something You can master English pronunciation if you keep at it.

keep away (from someone or something) – to keep at distance; to stay away (from) An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What has kept you away for so long? Keep away from me; I’ve got the flu.

keep down – to prevent from rising; keep at a lower level Can the government keep the prices down? Can you keep the noise down?

keep (someone) from (doing) something – to prevent; to avoid We must keep him from going there alone. I tried to keep bad news from him, but he learned the truth. Try to keep from arguing with him.

keep off something – to stay away from something Keep off the grass! Please keep off this delicate subject in her presence.

keep on – to go on doing something Keep on working. She kept on thinking about the problem. продолжать делать что-то

keep out – not to enter Private property! Keep out!

keep out of something – 1. not to enter; 2. to stay away from something 1. Keep out of this building. 2. I’ll handle it myself; you should keep out of this. Try to keep her out of trouble.

keep up – to maintain the high level of something Keep up the good work. Keep it up.

keep up with someone – to remain at the same level as someone richer, faster or more advanced She is always trying to keep up with the richer neighbors. She was too fast, I couldn’t keep up with her.

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