Phrasal Verbs go

1. We went ______________ the first option. = We decided that the first option was better.
a) with b) out c) on
2. They went ______________ ( = had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship) for one year.
a) with b) out c) on
3. I can’t go ______________. = I can’t continue.
a) with b) out c) on
4. They went ______________ ( = pursued) that player, but he ended up with another team.
a) after b) away c) along
5. He went _______________. = He left.
a) after b) away c) along
6. He didn’t like the plan, but he went ________________ with ( = accepted) it.
a) after b) away c) along
7. Let’s go _______________ your answers. = Let’s review your answers.
a) about b) over c) up
8. How would you like to go ______________ this? = How would you like to deal with this?
a) about b) over c) up
9. Apartment prices went _______________ ( = increased) again this year.
a) about b) over c) up
10. Our business went _______________ ( = went bankrupt) last year.
a) under b) out c) off



1) a 2) b 3) c 4) a 5) b 6) c 7) b 8) a 9) c 10) a


go ahead – to go in front; to proceed with something; to begin (speaking) You go ahead; I’ll join you later. The director allowed him to go ahead with his plan of changes. Go ahead, we are listening. 

go along (the road, street) – to go down (the road, street) He went along Maple Street to the library. 

go away – to leave Don’t go away. Please wait here. 

go back – to return (to some place, state, etc.) He went back to his hometown. Go back three pages. Go back to sleep. 

go back on (one’s word, promise) – to fail to fulfill a promise He promised he would help, but then he went back on his word. 

go by – 1. to go past; 2. go by bus, by car, by plane, by train – to travel by bus, car, etc.; 3. go by the name – to pass by the name, to live under a certain name 1. She went by me without saying hello. I

went by the park and the church. 2. He always goes to work by car. We went there by plane. Next time we’ll go there by train. 3. He goes by the name Smith. 1. 

go by – to pass (about time) Years go by; people get older. 

go down – to become lower, to fall The prices never go down. His temperature is going down. The sun will go down soon. He went down with pneumonia. Our sales have been going down for a long time. 

go down (the stairs, road) – 1. to descend; 2. to go along the road 1. He went down the stairs to the train platform. 2. Go down this street and turn left at the bank. 

go for something – 1. to go and do something; 2. to make an attempt at something new; 3. to favor someone or something 1. Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go for a drive. 2. He decided to go for the tournament. Go for it! 3. I don’t go for this plan. If I were you, I’d go for Candidate No. 2. 

go in – to enter, come in The door was open, so he went in. 

go into something – 1. to enter; 2. to examine or discuss in detail 1. He went into that building. 2. I can’t go into your report now. There’s no need to go into details now. 

go off – 1. to give a sudden loud sound (about an alarm clock, car alarm); 2. to be switched off (about light, electricity) 1. The alarm clock went off at six o’clock. 2. The power went off again yesterday. 

go on – to continue Go on reading. Please go on. 

go out – 1. to go outside; 2. to go to entertainment places (parties, movies, restaurants) 1. He went out to get a newspaper. 2. Jim and Mary went out yesterday. They went to a French restaurant. They don’t go out often.

go over something – 1. to review, to look over something; 2. to examine something 1. Go over these chapters again. 2. I need time to go over your report. 

go through – to be accepted, approved or completed The deal went through. His plan will never go through. He will never go through with his plan. 

go through something – 1. to pass through something; 2. to live through something; 3. to look through something 1. The refrigerator won’t go through this narrow door. She went through the park. 2. He’s gone through a lot of suffering. 3. Go through these chapters again. 

go to (some place) – to reach, visit, attend, travel to (some place) Go to bed. Go to page 9. He went to the bank yesterday. He went to Rome last month. Her son goes to law school. I have to go to work now. Does this bus go to the book fair? 

go together – 1. to match; 2. to accompany; 3. to date someone 1. This scarf and this dress don’t go together. 2. Kindness and generosity often go together. 3. Tom and Liz have been going together for a year. 

go up – 1. to rise; 2. to climb (the stairs, the hill) 1. The prices have gone up again. His temperature is going up. 2. He went up the stairs to his room. He went up the hill quickly.

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