Phrasal Verbs come


Comment traduisez-vous les mots suivants ? Choisissez la bonne réponses:

1. do => 

come about happen, to be achieved
come across find/meet by chance
come after follow
come at attack
reach, discover
come back return
come by pass, go past, visit
buy, get
come down fall (price)
come down to mean, signify
come down with fall sick with
come in enter, be received
prove to be
come in for receive, be object of (criticism)
come off become detached
come out become known, be published
be removed (stain)
come over come from a distance
come round visit sb
recover consciousness
come to amount to
arrive/reach a place
come up be mentioned/discussed
(problem) arise
come up against be faced with (problems)
come upon find/meet by chance
come up to match (a standard)
come up with produce an idea


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