Vocabulaire sens anglais

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Choisissez les bonnes fins des phrases suivantes:

  1. Tina suddenly spotted →
  2. Penny gazed at →
  3. Liz glanced at →
  4. Lucy stared at →
  5. The old lady peeped through →

a. the bill in disbelief. Surely, £2,000 wasn’t the correct amount.

b. one of her friends on the other side of the bar. “Hi Fiona, » she shouted.

c. the curtains. She enjoyed watching all the neighbours coming and going.

d. her watch nervously. He should be here by now, she said to herself.

e. the toys in the shop window, wishing it was her birthday.

  • 1b
  • 2e
  • 3d
  • 4a
  • 5c

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