Exercice vocabulaire anglais: la guerre


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Quel mots va avec chacune des listes suivantes ?

bomb | war | weapons

  • a. nuclear, conventional, chemical, biological → 
  • b. nuclear, car, petrol, letter → 
  • c. civil, world, nuclear, guerrilla, global → 

Utilisez les mots du dessus pour complétez les phrases suivantes:

  1. There have been two  wars in the past hundred years. Let’s hope they were the last.
  2. The worst kind of war is war when neighbours end up killing each other.
  3. The  war in the mountainous region of North India shows no sign of ending.
  4. Thousands of people are suffering from diseases caused by the use of  and  weapons during the recent  conflict.
  5. Youths threw rocks and home-made  bombs at soldiers during last night’s fighting.
  6. A Government official was seriously injured by a  bomb, which arrived in his post yesterday.

  • a. weapons
  • b. bomb
  • c. war

1. world

2. civil

3. guerrilla

4. chemical, biological

5. petrol

6. letter

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