exercice vocabulaire anglais: to two too

Complétez les phrases avec to, too, ou  two:
ex: She was too young to go to school.

1. I love this singer! Do you like him ____?

2. I’m going ____the park.

3. He has —-sons.

4. She wants to give money to —- of her sons.

5. He —-will come.

6. Every month, we give a little money —- a local animal shelter.

7. P1: Have you heard about Mark and Alex? P2: No, I wonder how those —–are doing.

8. He is —–smart for this class.

9. They are —-of the smartest kids in the class.

10. You need — study more.


I’m going to the store

He went to Italy

This belongs to David

I need to study

We want to help

He’s going to eat

Can I go too?

He went to France too

I think that’s Paul’s book too

I’m too tired

He’s walking too quickly

I ate too much

One, two, three…

I have two cars

She ate two pieces of pie

It was too late to buy two bottles of water.
Don’t take too long as there are two other people who want to use the internet.

English grammar is far too complicated for me.

I’m not buying this car; it is far too expensive.

The French speak too quickly for me to understand them completely.

The match was none too exciting until the final few minutes.

I walk to school every day.

Next month I am travelling to India and then to Thailand.

‘Get to the back of the queue!’

‘Are you going to the shops later on today?’

I think it is going to rain today.

Paul and Steve both had ambitions to become professional bowls players.

When I win the lottery, I would like to spend a year travelling the world.

There is no need to shout.

I like baseball, too.
« I am going to the mall, too. »

« I had too many tacos for lunch. »

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