exercice phrasal verbs anglais 5

1. This scandal will not blow ___________ ( = pass/stop causing problems) any time
soon. People will remember this for many years.
a) up b) under c) over
2. I was ___________ by her performance. ( = very impressed)
a) blown in b) blown out c) blown away
3. My car ___________ ( = stopped running) on the way to work.
a) broke down b) stopped down c) ran down
4. The inmates ___________ ( = escaped) last night.
a) broke out b) ran into c) broke away
5. P1: Hey do you want to go out? P2: No, let’s stay ___________.
a) at b) in c) up
6. How late do you let your son stay ___________ ( = not go to bed) on weekdays?
a) in b) by c) up
7. If you “give something away”, does this mean you’re selling it?
a) no – it means that you’re giving it for free b) yes
8. P1: Are you still engaged to Susan? P2: No, we ___________ off the engagement last
month. ( = we are no longer engaged)
a) broke b) gave c) blew
9. They invited us for dinner, but we ___________ them off. ( = We said no *This
term has a negative connotation, like you don’t care enough to do something*)
a) threw b) blew c) grew
10. Don’t ___________ me off. = Don’t make me lose my focus/concentration.
a) throw b) blow c) grow


1) c 2) c 3) a 4) a 5) b 6) c 7) a 8) a 9) b 10) a


1. Try to ___________ ( = determine) her mood. If you think she’s in a good mood,
tell her about your plans.
a) feel up b) feel out c) fill out
2. Complete this form. = ___________ this form.
a) fill out b) feel out c) feel up
3. We ___________ ( = got a full tank of gas) as soon as we got out of the city.
a) filled out b) filled away c) filled up
4. He has really ___________ ( = gained a lot of weight) over the past two years.
a) filled around b) filled away c) filled out
5. Why do you have your winter jacket ___________? It’s warm outside.
a) over b) on c) onto
6. I think John is ___________ your sister. ( = flirting with your sister)
a) hitting on b) beating on c) hitting around
7. The storm hasn’t ___________ up ( = hasn’t weakened) in two days.
a) let on b) let off c) let up
8. My girlfriend and I ___________ ( = stopped seeing each other *romantically*)
on Monday.
a) broke off b) broke up c) broke away
9. My friend Tran was born in Vietnam, but he ___________ ( = was raised) in
a) threw up b) grew up c) blew up
10. He ___________ ( = pretended) like he didn’t know about it.
a) let on b) lied on c) lit on


1) b 2) a 3) c 4) c 5) b 6) a 7) c 8) b 9) b 10) a


1. To vomit = To ___________
a) throw up b) cough up c) let up
2. Which one of these does NOT mean “to throw in the garbage”?
a) throw out b) throw away c) throw up
3. They talked it ___________ ( = discussed it) and decided to move to London.
a) on b) over c) above
4. I tried to keep it a secret, but somehow my father ___________.
a) found out b) found away c) tried out
5. I can’t believe you gave ___________ ( = revealed/described) the ending! I
wanted to see that movie, but now there’s no point.
a) in b) away c) on
6. When are you going ___________ home? ( = returning home)
a) back b) at c) to
7. I love my husband, but I don’t get ___________ with his mother. ( = we don’t
like each other)
a) around b) along c) up
8. They called ___________ ( = cancelled) the meeting because one of the
managers couldn’t make it.
a) off b) out c) away
9. When a soldier is asked to report for duty, you can say that he/she has been
“called ___________.”
a) off b) up c) away
10. Thanks for ___________ me up. ( = making me feel better)
a) jeering b) joking c) cheering

1) a 2) c 3) b 4) a 5) b 6) a 7) b 8) a 9) b 10) c

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