Exercice anglais | L’environnement

EXERCICE: Environmental problems

Utilisez les expressions suivantes pour compléter le texte: 

  • natural habitats
  • in danger of extinction
  • long-term
  • natural resources
  • way of life
  • indigenous people
  • destruction
  • future generations

The (1) of the rainforest is very worrying. Thousands of acres of forest are being cut down every year and the (2) of many animals are being destroyed. As a result, many species are (3) .

This, in turn, threatens the traditional (4)  of many of the (5)  who live in some of the most remote areas of our planet. As with most environmental issues, we need to think more (6)  and realise that everything we do has implications for (7) .

If we want to hand on our world to our children and grandchildren, we simply can’t continue to misuse the world’s (8) as we are at the moment.

Puis faites la même chose avec ce texte:

  • heavily polluted
  • cloud of pollution
  • uninhabitable
  • air quality

The (9)  in many of the world’s largest cities is so poor that we have seen an enormous increase in chest and lung illnesses such as asthma. These cities are (10) and some are
permanently covered by a (11) .

Unless we begin to take the problems more seriously and start to do something about them, many of our biggest cities, particularly in the developing world, will become (12) .

  1. destruction
  2. natural hahitats
  3. in danger of extinction
  4. way of life
  5. indigenous people
  6. long-term
  7. future generations
  8. natural resources
  9. air quality
  10. heavily polluted
  11. cloud of pollution
  12. uninhabitable

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