Anglais – vocabulaire de la famille – Exercice en ligne

Anglais – vocabulaire de la famille – Exercice en ligne

Cliquez-ici pour télécharger cette page d’exercice au format PDF à imprimer ! Les réponses se trouve en bas de la page.

Complétez les phrases avec les bouts de phrases suivantes:

  • the whole family
  • a very close family
  • a big family
  • family tree
  • a big family reunion
  1. I come from . I’ve got four brothers and two sisters.
  2. We’re . We see each other almost every day and if ever I’m in trouble, I know I can turn to one of them for help.
  3. It’s my son’s eighteenth birthday next week. We’re hoping to get together.
  4. My wife and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary soon. We’re planning to have .
  5. When I was researching my , I found out that my great-great-grandfather came over to England from Ireland 120 years ago.

  1. a big family
  2. a very close family
  3. the whole family
  4. a big family reunion
  5. family tree

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