anglais environnement exercice


Utilisez les mots suivants pour compléter le texte: 

floods | radiation | sea level | climate | deserts | ice caps | oceans | gases

Scientists have shown that the temperature on Farth is increasing by 0.1° every ten years. That’s one degree every century. The (1) that are produced by factories and cars are allowing more (2) from the sun to reach Earth. In the future this will have very serious consequences for humanity.

As the Earth gets hotter, the Arctic and Antarctic (3) will slowly melt and the level of the (4) will rise. A recent report says that the (5)  will rise by 70 metres over the next hundred years, causing (6)  in many low-lying parts of the world.

There will be (7) changes, too. Some areas will become wetter while others will become much drier. Some areas which today are green and fertile will eventually turn into (8)  Tropical diseases like malaria will become common in areas where today they are unknown.

  1. gases
  2. radiation
  3. ice caps
  4. oceans
  5. sea level
  6. floods
  7. climate
  8. deserts

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