a an the ou rien

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Choisissez entre a, an, the ou ne rien mettre:

  1. There’s  extremely large dog in the garden!
  2. She’s just got  university degree.
  3. Have you fed  cats?
  4. See you on   Friday.
  5. Who invented  internet?
  6. I am  oldest in my class.
  7. My father is   honest person.
  8. We went to  same University.
  9. My sister is going out with  German boy.
  10. Have you got  sisters?
  11. Our cousin lives in  Philippines.
  12. Don’t be late for   school.
  13. Tina is  interesting girl.
  14. I first met her  year ago.
  15. Paul never leaves home without  umbrella.
  16.  sun shines the morning.
  17. I learnt Spanish at  school.
  18. Korean is  difficult language to learn.
  19. I like  video games.
  20. His car does 150 miles  hour.

  1. an 
  2. the
  3. the 
  4. the
  5. an 
  6. the
  7. the
  8. an
  9. a
  10. an
  11. The
  12. a
  13. an

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