vocabulaire sentiments anglais pdf

Cliquez-ici pour télécharger cette page d’exercice au format PDF à imprimer ! Les réponses se trouve en bas de la page.

Utilisez les mots suivants pour compléter les expressions idiomatiques dans les phrases ci-dessous :

nerves | enough | crazy | death | straw

1. Will you please stop interrupting? You‘re driving me .

2. Will you shut up? You’rc really getting on my .

3. We had just’about of this. My train has been late every day this week.

4. Right, that’s the last . The food was cold, the wine was warm and now they’ve got the bill wrong. I’m going to call the manager and complain.

5. I’m sick to of this. If they ask me to work on Saturday morning again, I’m quitting the job.

  1. crazy
  2. nerves
  3. enough
  4. straw
  5. death

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