Vocabulaire maladie anglais

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Faites correspondre les symptomes avec leurs causes:

  1. I’ve got a blister. →
  2. I’ve got a headache. →
  3. I’ve got jetlag. →
  4. I’ve got a bad back. →
  5. I’m feeling really run down. →
  6. I’ve got a splinter in my hand. →
  7. My nose is blocked up. →
  8. I’ve got diarrhoea. →
  • a. I think I’ve been working too much.
  • b. Our bed is too soft. We need to get a firmer one.
  • c. I had too much to drink at dinner last night.
  • d. I’ve just been chopping some wood.
  • e. It must have been that take-away last night.
  • f. I wore the wrong shoes to go hill—walking!
  • g. I always get hay fever at this time of year.
  • h. It was an 18-hour flight and a 10-hour time difference.

  • 1f
  • 2e
  • 3c
  • 4a
  • 5d
  • 6b

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