Vocabulaire exercice vacances

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Faites correspondre chaque extrait de guide de voyage avec un des mots ci-dessous:

accommodation | money | food | transport | shopping | health

1. You can cash travellers‘ cheques in banks, exchange kiosks and large hotels. → 

2. If you’re going to the Tropics, most doctors will advise jabs to protect against malaria and also vaccinations against typhoid. → 

3. Almost all the islands are connected by regular ferries. You can usually buy your ticket on the boat. For the most popular routes it is advisable to book your ticket in advance. → 

4. The regional Cuisine is excellent, with many places serving local specialities. → 

5. The local market is the place for souvenirs. Prices are low and the quality of local handicrafts is excellent. → 

6. There are also family-run guest houses in all the major towns. The cheaper options are youth liostcls and, away from the towns, there are plenty of well-equipped campsites. → 

  1. money
  2. health
  3. transport
  4. food
  5. shopping
  6. accommodation

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