Vocabulaire de la politique anglais

Vocabulaire de la politique anglais

Exercice d’anglais gratuit à faire en ligne avec sa correction.

Complétez les commentaires suivants avec les mots qui conviennent: 

socialists | middle | working-class | extreme | right-wing | independence

in Britain both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party like to think they occupy the (1)   ground of British political life. Both parties, however. find it difiicult to escape their roots: the Labour Party in traditional (2)  and trade union politics: the Conservatives in the countryside and business communities.

In many pans of the world groups like the Scottish Nationalists would like (3)  .

It can be difficult to say exactly what many political words mean because they can mean different things to different people and different things in different countries. As a rule. (4)  are more left-wing than social democrats, while conservatives are more (5)  .

Fascists are people with (6)  right-wing views.

  1. middle
  2. working-class
  3. independence
  4. socialists
  5. right-wing
  6. extreme

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