vocabulaire anglais École exercice

EXERCICE 8: After school

Utilisez les verbes suivants pour compléter le texte:

  • stayed on
  • applied
  • got in
  • do
  • left

When I got to 16, some of my friends (1) school to get jobs, but most (2) .

I wanted to (3) sociology, but it wasn’t possible at my school, so I (4)  to the local technical college. There were over fifty applicants for only twenty places, so I was really pleased when l (5) I really
enjoyed the course.

Ensuite, faites la même chose avec le texte suivant: 

  • results
  • college
  • entry
  • course
  • degree
  • prospectus
  • diploma
  • high

I had wanted to be a doctor but the (6) requirements to study medicine at university are very (7) and my exam (8)  weren’t good enough, so I got the (9) from my local (10) to see what alternatives there were. In the end, I got onto a (11) in business administration. I got a (12) , but I still sometimes wish I’d been able to go to university and get a (13) .

1. left

2. stayed on

3. do

4. applied

5. got in

6. entry

7. high

8. results

9. prospectus

10. college

11. course

12. diploma

13. decree

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