verbes ing anglais


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Complétez les phrases suivantes avec la forme en -ing des verbes entre parenthèses. Pensez à mettre le verbe auxiliaire qui convient si c’est nécessaire, au présent ou au passé (is, am, are, was ou were)


  • What are you doing there? I ___________ (write) a letter. → I am writing a letter.
  1. (cook) is one of her hobbies.
  2. (cycle) is fun.
  3. (Get) a good job is not easy.
  4. (Find) a parking space is quite difficult in this area.
  5. (drive) becomes more and more expensive.
  6. No (smoke) in this area.
  7. (work) overtime is quite common in this company.
  8. (eat) fruits and vegetables is good for your health.
  9. (make) fun of other people is not nice.
  10. (learn) about other cultures makes people more tolerant.
  11. (eat)  people is wrong.
  12. (hunt)  bears is scary.
  13. (fly)  makes me nervous.
  14. (brush)  your teeth is important.
  15. (smoke)  causes lung cancer.

  1. cooking
  2. cycling
  3. getting
  4. finding
  5. driving
  6. no smoking
  7. working
  8. eating
  9. making
  10. learning
  11. eating
  12. hunting
  13. flying
  14. brushing
  15. smoking

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