be ou have anglais


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Complétez les phrases avec: am | are | is | has | have

1. It  yellow.

2. The house  twenty metres high.

3. They  a small one.

4. We  brown hair.

5. We  both French.

6. I  in the classroom.

7. Tina  long hair.

8. How old  he?

9. The boys  hungry.

10. I  a cold.

11. She  my young sister.

12. I and Paul  in London.

13. He  a very good job.

14. There  a bike outside

15.  a cake! They are really good!

  1. It is yellow.
  2. The house is twenty metres high.
  3. They have a small one.
  4. We have brown hair.
  5. We are both French.
  6. I am in the classroom.
  7. Tina has long hair.
  8. How old is he?
  9. The boys are hungry.
  10. I have a cold.
  11. She is my young sister.
  12. I and Paul are in London.
  13. He has a very good job.
  14. There is a bike outside
  15. Have a cake! They are really good!

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