used to 2

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Complétez les phrases avec ‘used to’ à la forme correcte:

  1. Slowly but surely, I  (be) my new school – It was difficult at the beginning.
  2. It is difficult for Sarah to drive in Australia. She  (drive) on the left-hand side of the road.
  3. When Claire was young, she  (ride) a bicycle to school.
  4. People from Thailand usually    (eat) spicy food.
  5. Computers  (be) very expensive but now they are cheap.
  6. Simon  (speak) English when he travels to Canada.
  7. When I was a kid, I   (spend) a lot of time with my sisters.
  8. Tom  (think) that he would never  (live) in Paris.
  9. Paul  (have) an Iphone, now he has a Nokia.
  10. It   (not be) so crowded at the beach as it is nowadays.

  1. am getting used to
  2. isn’t used to driving
  3. used to ride
  4. are used to eating
  5. used to be
  6. is used to speaking
  7. used to spend
  8. used to think – get used to living
  9. used to have
  10. didn’t use to be

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