Something, anything ou nothing ?


  1. Do you know  about Japan?
  2. I couldn’t see  in the dark.
  3. Bob asked her .
  4. I haven’t heard  of Sue for ages.
  5. Has  happened while I was away?
  6. Is there  I could do for you?
  7. There is  in your hair.
  8. He said  stupid.
  9. Did you buy ?
  10. There isn’t  in the fridge.
  11. I’ve got something in my eye.
    We haven’t heard anything about Peter. Is he ill?
    My teacher asked me something.
    Can I have something to drink?
    I don’t know anything about it.

    She said something but I didn’t understand anything.

    Have you got anything to eat?

    Do you know anything about London transport?

    Teach me something exciting.

    There is nothing to do in this city! I’m bored.

    What did Sarah say? Nothing. She didn’t say anything.

    Do you know anything about insects?
    There was nothing to do but wait until the next morning.

    I have nothing to say. I won’t speak.

    She did nothing but cry all day.

    There is nothing wrong with him. He’s fine.

    They are so different, she has nothing in common with him.


  1. Do you know anything about Japan?
  2. I couldn’t see anything in the dark.
  3. Bob asked her something.
  4. I haven’t heard anything of Sue for ages.
  5. Has anything happened while I was away?
  6. Is there anything I could do for you?
  7. There is something in your hair.
  8. He said something stupid.
  9. Did you buy anything?
  10. There isn’t anything in the fridge.

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