sentiments et émotions anglais

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Complétez les dialogues suivants avec ces mots :

amazed | disgusted | exhausted | horrified | stunned | terrified

1. You must have been quite frightened when the pilot announced that he was going to land in Kuwait.
> I was absolutely .

2. Did you say you saw people in the sea?
> Yes! In the middle of winter! I was absolutely .

3. What a long day! You must be tired.
> I’m absolutely .

4. Did you see the news last night? English football fans in trouble again! I don’t know what they’re thinking about.
> Yes, I was absolutely . I just don’t understand why they have to do it.

5. I hear Tony’s just lost his job. How’s he taking it?
> He was absolutely . He thought he had a job for life.

6. Did you read about the murder of that little girl?
> Yes, I think the whole country is that that sort of thing can happen.

  1. terrified
  2. amazed
  3. exhausted
  4. disgusted
  5. stunned
  6. horrified

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