Exercice pronoms demonstratifs anglais: This ou these?

Rappel: les pronoms démonstratifs sont this, that, these et those. On les utilise pour désigner des choses ou des personnes qui sont situées près ou loin.

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Choisissez entre This ou These:

  1. What is ?
  2.  are good people.
  3.  book is great.
  4.  is an apple pie.
  5.  are my pets.
  6. I like  picture.
  7. What is the answer to  questions.
  8.  apples look good.
  9. Have you seen  movie?
  10. I´ll take  grapes.
  11.  chair is ugly.
  12.  boys are students.
  13.  tastes good.
  14. Are  your watches?
  15.  is a hospital.
  16.  hamburgers tastes good.
  17.  isn’t fair.
  18.  book is old.
  19.  dogs are big.
  20.  pearls look real.
  21.  is a road map.
  22.  scissors cut well.
  23.  is all I know.
  24.  socks do not match.
  25. It´s raining again.  is awful.
  26.  is my friend, Paul.
  27.  things aren’t mine!
  28.  men are used to hard work.
  29. I don´t like  one.
  30. Do you like  flowers?


  1. What is this?
  2. These are good people.
  3. This book is great.
  4. This is an apple pie.
  5. These are my pets.
  6. I like this picture.
  7. What is the answer to these questions.
  8. These apples look good.
  9. Have you seen this movie?
  10. I´ll take these grapes.
  11. This chair is ugly.
  12. These boys are students.
  13. This tastes good.
  14. Are these your watches?
  15. This is a hospital.
  16. These hamburgers tastes good.
  17. This isn’t fair.
  18. This book is old.
  19. These dogs are big.
  20. These pearls look real.
  21. This is a road map.
  22. These scissors cut well.
  23. This is all I know.
  24. These socks do not match.
  25. It´s raining again. This is awful.
  26. This is my friend, Paul.
  27. These things aren’t mine!
  28. These men are used to hard work.
  29. I don´t like this one.
  30. Do you like these flowers?

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