exercice pronom personnel anglais pdf

Pour télécharger et imprimer en PDF gratuit cette page d’exercice en anglais, cliquez-ici ! Les réponses se trouvent en bas de page.

Choisissez le bon pronom entre her, him, it, them et us:

  1. If you see a good opportunity, just take .
  2. ‘Paul looks so happy. His parents offered  a car for his birthday!’
  3. ‘Where did you put my old magazines?’ ‘I threw  away.’
  4. ‘Have you seen the latest Iron Man movie!’ ‘Yes, I have already seen !’
  5. ‘My sister is really kind. I like  very much.’
  6. I don’t need help to fix my computer. I can do  by myself.
  7. ‘Have you met Paul and Kevin?’ ‘No, I have never met .’
  8. We had so much fun at the beach! I wish you had come with.
  9. You should take your friends to the train station. Don’t let  go by taxi.
  10. ‘Why is she insulting Jim?’ ‘Because she hates 
  11. ‘Where did you get that book?’ ‘I’m afraid I can’t remember .’
  12. ‘Do you really like Sarah?’ ‘Yes, I’m in love with !’
  13. ‘Your husband is a good cook!’ ‘I’ll ask  to prepare dinner.’
  14. ‘Do you know this man?’ ‘Sorry, I don’t know .’
  15. ‘Where are my shoes?’ ‘You are wearing !’
  16. ‘Do you like bananas?’ ‘I love !’
  17. ‘Why is he always looking at Tina?’ ‘He probably likes !’
  18. ‘Where is my phone? I think I’ve lost .’
  19. ‘Is that Sarah’s new computer?’ ‘Don’t ask me, ask !’
  20. ‘How are your parents? I haven’t met  for ages!’

  1. it
  2. him
  3. them
  4. it
  5. her
  6. it
  7. them
  8. us
  9. them
  10. him
  11. it
  12. her
  13. him 
  14. him
  15. them
  16. them
  17. her
  18. it
  19. her
  20. them

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