Les prepositions apres les adjectifs

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Utiliser des prépositions après les adjectifs:

Choisissez la meilleure réponse pour chaque phrase:

Vous pouvez utiliser: of, in, at, for, by, to, about, from, with

  1. I’m not scared  you!
  2. I’m not really interested  this kind of sport.
  3. He’s really good  geography.
  4. Are you excited  your trip to Tokyo?
  5. His new movie is very different  his last one.
  6. It was nice  her to come.
  7. This area of France is famous  its wine.
  8. Are you surprised  her reaction?
  9. Paul is married  a Chinese woman.
  10. I’m very happy  my new job.
  11. I’m a little confused  her reaction.
  12. You’re not jealous  him, are you?
  13. Eating vegetables is good  you.
  14. They were always very good    me.
  15. The people of Syria are tired civil war and suffering.
  16. You are getting married? I’m so happy  you!
  17. She was dressed  red.
  18. We can be justly proud  our achievements.
  19. He’s really good  basketball.
  20. I’m a bit nervous flying to Paris by myself.
  21. I’m really bad  languages.
  22. I’m bad  names.
  23. Mum’s really angry   you.
  24. I feel sorry  that poor dog.
  25. That was really mean  you to say that!
  26. This movie is similar  the one we saw last week.

  1. of
  2. in
  3. at
  4. about
  5. from
  6. of
  7. for
  8. by
  9. to
  10. with
  11. by
  12. of
  13. for
  14. to
  15. of
  16. for
  17. in
  18. of
  19. at
  20. about
  21. at
  22. with
  23. with
  24. for
  25. of
  26. to

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