Phrasal Verbs call


Call back

To call back is to ask people to return from one position or situation to a previous one.

The troops have been called back.
To call someone back is to phone a person who has called you previously.

I will ask her to call you back.
Call back can also mean ‘recall a faulty product for repair’.

The company has called back all laptops belonging to its Z series.
Call down

To call someone down is to reprimand them.

The manager called me down for being late.
Call for

To call for is to be at a place to pick up someone.

My chauffeur will call for you at 6.30.
Call for can also mean ‘be an appropriate occasion for something.’

This victory calls for a big celebration.
Call for can mean ‘demand’.

This job calls for a great deal of patience.

Call forth

To call forth is to evoke or elicit.

That song calls forth many pleasant memories.

Call in

To call in is to summon somebody for help or consultation.

Call in a doctor.
Call off

To call a meeting off is to cancel it.

They have called off the wedding.
To call off dogs is to restrain them.

Call up

To call up is to bring to mind.

Those stories call up old times.
Call upon

To call upon somebody is to order them to tell the truth.

The judge called upon him to tell the truth.

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