Phrasal verb débutant

Phrasal verb débutant

Complétez les phrases avec les phrases verbs suivants à la forme qui convient

go back | come back | find out | go out | point out | come up | go on | set up | carry out | pick up

  1. What’s  ?
  2. They   the boss’s plan.
  3. It is expensive to   a new business.
  4. Can you   me   at the airport next Monday?
  5. When did Pierre   to France?
  6. What time will you  ?
  7. The lights   around ten.
  8. The teacher   the most important pages.
  9. When did you   about the accident?
  10. His divorce did not   in our conversation.


  • What’s going on?
  • They carried out the boss’s plan.
  • It is expensive to set up a new business.
  • Can you pick me up at the airport next Monday?
  • When did Pierre go back to France?
  • What time will you come back?
  • The lights went out around ten.
  • The teacher pointed out the most important pages.
  • When did you find out about the accident?
  • His divorce did not come up in our conversation.

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