mot liaison anglais exercice

exercice 8

Complétez les phrases avec

  1. otherwise
  2. whereas
  3. however
  4. despite
  5. in fact
  6. therefore
  7. although
  8. Furthermore
  9. consequently
  10. moreover
  11. instead
  12. nevertheless
  13. hence
  14. unless
  15. nonetheless
  16. likewise

first nevertheless otherwise therefore meanwhile however

1. Stephanie cooked the carrots and washed the lettuce. Meanwhile, her brother prepared the broccoli.

2. Jane wanted to drive Tanya and Michael to the mall; however, she only had two seats in her car.

3. Rodger was a chocolate fanatic, and he ate two servings of dessert every night. Therefore, he began to grow incredibly overweight.

4. Julia was almost ready to perform the experiment. First, she would need to run tests on the control group.

5. Mother said I needed to finish all of my chores. Otherwise, I would not be able to go to the movies with my friends.

6. Katy’s mother, father, and brother are all vegetarians; nevertheless, Katy eats meat every day.

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