Les pronoms possessifs anglais exercices

Les pronoms possessifs anglais: exercices

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  • RAPPEL: les pronoms possessifs anglais sont: ‘mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs’ = le sien, la sienne, le mien’
  • ATTENTION ! ne pas les confondre avec les adjectifs possessifs ! (my, your, her, his… = mon, ma, mes, votre…)

Remplacez les groupes nominaux en gras par des pronoms possessifs:

Exemple: This book belong to my girlfriend. It’s her book. → This book belong to my girlfriend. It’s hers.

  1. Your sister is smarter than my sister. → 
  2. Where is your bike? I can only see John’s. → 
  3. Look, here is my brother, where is your brother? → 
  4. Tina does not like my cake. She thinks her cake is much better. → 
  5. I think your suit is nicer than his suit. → 
  6. Paul has lost his phone, you could lend him your phone. → 
  7. I can’t see their car, but I can see Tina’s car. → 
  8. Don’t you think this party is not as exciting as our party? → 
  9. Our house is huge, what about the Smiths’? → 
  10. Was it Paul’s car or was it Sarah’s? → 
  11. My friend Sarah has met my mother, but I haven’t met her mother yet. → 
  12. If you think my room is a mess, you should see his room. → 
  13. You do your work and I’ll do my work. → 
  14. Whose is this bottle? Is it your bottle or my bottle? →  /  
  15. If you haven’t got an umbrella, Samantha will lend you one of her umbrellas. → 


  1. mine
  2. his
  3. yours
  4. hers
  5. his
  6. yours
  7. hers
  8. ours
  9. theirs
  10. hers
  11. hers
  12. his
  13. mine
  14. yours / mine
  15. hers

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