le visage en anglais


exercice 5


faire des phrases avec

mouth | face | eye | nose | eyes | ear | ears | tongue

couldn’t believe my eyes / ears

keep an eye on…

It’s on the tip of my tongue

I know my brother has fought tooth and nail to be re-elected, so his victory tonight is certainly well earned.

We fought tooth and nail to keep our share of the business.

He’s a bit long in the tooth for her.

They said that he was America’s greatest President, although I suspect it was tongue in cheek.

Her decision to appear in Playboy raised a few eyebrows.

I told her to keep her chin up and everything would be ok in the end.

They tried to win their last match in the championship just to save face.

Watch your mouth when you speak to him. He’s the boss.

He escaped by the skin of his teeth.

He didn’t like the management of the business but he had to bite his lip.

If something becomes well-known by word of mouth, it becomes well-known because people are telling each other about it, and not because of advertising or other marketing tools.

If you bite your tongue, or hold your tongue, you force yourself not to say something you really want to say.

If you make a slip of the tongue, you make a small mistake when speaking.

He always has a stiff upper lip. He never complains.

If you play it by ear, you don’t plan ahead but you do whatever seems best at the time depending on the situation.

If you lose face, your status falls and you aren’t respected as much as you were.

Give me a minute to finish my work and then I’ll be all ears to hear about your project.

If you keep an eye on someone, you make sure you know what they’re doing.

Finding our content on other web pages is a real kick in the teeth for us.

If something is easy on the eye, it is pleasant to look at.

If you keep your nose clean, you stay out of trouble by making sure you don’t do anything wrong.

You can say there’s more to something than meets the eye if it’s more complex, more important or more interesting than it seems at first.

If something is music to your ears, it’s just what you want to hear.

If you pay through the nose for something, you pay more than the usual price for it.



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