Homophones et homonymes anglais

Homophones et homonymes en anglais

Les homonymes sont des mots qui se prononcent pareil mais ont une signification différente. Quel mot convient pour chaque phrase ?

  1. Can you  some cheese for the pizza?
    a. grate
    b. great
  2. It’s not healthy to eat too much .
    a. meet
    b. meat
  3. I was really  today.
    a. board
    b. bored
  4. Can you come  for a second?
    a. here
    b. hear
  5. We’re having  for dinner tonight.
    a. steak
    b. stake
  6. What is the  number of this product?
    a. serial
    b. cereal
  7. The doctor has many .
    a. patience
    b. patients
  8. That  digs for coal all day.
    a. miner
    b. minor
  9. Is this  book?
    a. your
    b. you’re
  10. Why does that cat have no ?
    a. tale
    b. tail

  1. grate
  2. meat
  3. bored
  4. here
  5. steak 
  6. serial
  7. patients
  8. miner
  9. your
  10. tail

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