Exprimer son opinion en anglais: les expressions avec Mind

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Complétez les phrases avec les mots suivants:

  • changed
  • take
  • slipped
  • on
  • make
  • don’t
  1. l’ve my mind.
  2. l’ve got a lot my mind.
  3. It’ll your mind off it.
  4. I can’t up my mind.
  5. I really mind.
  6. It completely my mind.

Maintenant, utilisez ces expressions dans les phrases suivantes: 

7. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet recently  at the moment.

8. I don’t know whether to give her flowers or chocolates .

9. I was going to go to university but  I’m going to get a job instead.

10. What do you fancy – fish or pasta?

> Either, really. You choose .

11. Did you post my letter?

Oh no, sorry .

12. I can see you’re really worried about this new job. Why don’t you go away for the weekend?  for a couple of days.


  1. changed
  2. on
  3. take
  4. make
  5. don’t
  6. slipped
  7. I’ve got a lot on my mind
  8. I can’t make up my mind
  9. I changed my mind
  10. I don’t really mind
  11. It completely slipped my mind
  12. It’ll take your mind off it.

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