EXERCICES VOCABULAIRE ANGLAIS: les amis, les connaissances

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Complétez les phrases avec les mots suivants:

lifelong | mine | old  | acquaintance | close | best

  1. I hear you work with Peter. Did you know he was a friend of ?
  2. I suppose Sandra is my   friend. We ring each other most evenings.
  3. I’m going up to see some   friends in Scotland next week. I haven’t seen them for over 30 years!
  4. I wouldn’t say he was a  friend. We used to work together and we go for a drink now and again.
  5. I met Martin at university. It was the start of a  friendship.
  6. I wouldn‘t really call Sam a friend. He’s just an  I know him through Kirsty and Paul.

  1. mine
  2. best
  3. old 
  4. close
  5. lifelong
  6. acquaintance

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