Exercices vocabulaire anglais Expressions partitives

a torrent of abuse The manager was so angry that he let loose a torrent of abuse at his workers.
a piece of advice Can I offer you a piece of advice about investing your savings?
a fit of anger Harry slapped his girlfriend in a fit of anger.
a work of art Everyone says her garden’s a work of art, it’s so beautiful.
a rasher of bacon How many rashers of bacon would you like with your breakfast?
a glass of beer If you drink more than two glasses of beer, you shouldn’t drive a car.
a drop of blood There were two or three drops of blood on the carpet.
a spot of bother I’m in a spot of bother because I can’t find my car keys, and I’m already late.
a loaf of bread How much does a loaf of bread cost in Japan?
a pat of butter Could I have three pats of butter and some jam, please?
a game of chess We played three games of chess, and Bobby won all of them.
a bar of chocolate If you’re a good boy, I’ll give you a bar of chocolate.
an item of clothing Put any items of clothing you no longer need into this box.
a lump of coal The kids found some lumps of coal beside the railway tracks, and took them home.
a cup of coffee The first thing I do when I get to work is have a cup of coffee.
an ear of corn Ears of corn are usually steamed or boiled and then served with butter.
a scrap of difference Writing letters to corrupt politicians won’t make a scrap of difference to the way they behave.
a speck of dust They have no kids, and you won’t find a speck of dust in their home.
a scrap of evidence There wasn’t a scrap of evidence to prove he’d done it, but he was still sent to jail for life.
an item of expenditure You must have a receipt for every item of expenditure you want to claim.
an article of faith Freedom of expression is an article of faith among truly democratic people.
a morsel of food There wasn’t a morsel of food left in the house, so we had to go out for dinner.
a breath of fresh air The room was crowded and I felt faint so I went outside for a breath of fresh air.
a piece of fruit Everyone should eat at least three pieces of fruit a day.
a bit of fun After working hard all day, we felt like having a bit of fun.
a piece of furniture We need a piece of furniture that will look good in that empty corner.
a clove of garlic Take two cloves of garlic, crush them, and then add them to the soup.
a pane of glass You have to be very careful when transporting panes of glass.
a blade of grass The ant walked all the way up the blade of grass, and then all the way down again.
a pang of guilt When I saw my brother being punished for what I’d done, I felt a pang of guilt.
a lock of hair He kept a lock of her hair in a small tin box with his other most precious possessions.
a jar of honey She stuck her fingers into the jar of honey, and then slowly licked them clean.
a glimmer of hope The president gave us a glimmer of hope when he promised to look into the issue.
a sense of humour He lacks a sense of humour, and his laughter never sounds real.
a pang of hunger I felt a pang of hunger, and knew it must be getting close to lunchtime.
a block of ice How long do you think it’d take for this block of ice to melt?
a scoop of ice cream You don’t really need three scoops of ice cream on your apple pie, do you?
a piece of information There was an important piece of information missing from the report.
a plea of innocence He maintained his plea of innocence, even though everyone said he was guilty.


1. specific items or amounts:

a bar of chocolate/soap/metal

blade of grass

a block of marble/ice/wood

a box of matches

a book of stamps

a breath of air

a bar/cake of soup

a cloud of dust

a crust of bread

a cube of ice

a dash of soda

a drop of oil

a flash of light

a grain of corn

a jar of jam

a jet of water

a loaf of bread

a lump of coal/sugar

a pat of butter

a clap of thunder

a piece of wood/furniture/paper/glass/chalk/information/wisdom

a pile of earth

a pinch of salt

a portion of food

a puff of smoke

a role of paper

a sip of tea

a speck of dust

a slice of bread/cake

a sheet of paper

a stick of chalk

a strand of hair/wool

2 containers
a barrel of beer

a basket of fruit

a bottle of milk

a packet of cigarettes

a glass of water

a jug of water

a mug of cocoa

a tin of soup

a tupe of paste

a vase of flowers

3 games

a game of billiards/bridge/cards/chess/darts/tennis

4 measures

a gallon of petrol

an ounce of gold

a pint of beer/milk

a spoonful of medicine

a yard of cloth

5 types/species

a species of fish

a type of drug

a variety of pasta

a sort of cake

6. abstract nouns

a bit/piece of advice

a bit of knowledge

a grain of truth

a spell of work

a wink of sleep

7. pairs

a pair of:













trousers etc.


Comment traduisez-vous les mots suivants ? Choisissez la bonne réponses:

1. do => 

2. have  => 

3. went => 

4. come => 

5. run => 

6. keep => 

7. sold => 

8. broken => 

9. met => 

10.  slept => 

11. say => 

12. put => 

13. seen => 

14. swam => 

15. cost => 

16. got => 

17. build => 

18. knew => 

19. were => 

20. caught => 


Mettez les verbes au Past Perfect Simple:

  1. I/work → 
  2. he/paint → 
  3. we/listen → 
  4. you/speak → 
  5. they/find 


1. If you don’t believe me, try it ________!

2. They wanted to do it ________.

3. I blame ________ for the accident.

4. He broke his arm so he cannot dress ________.

5. I don’t know anything about ________.

6. I hurt ________ playing soccer.

7. My brother cut ________ shaving.

8. I love spending time with ________.

9. Sam got ________ in trouble.

10. Tina helped ________ find a job.


Choisissez la bonne réponse:

1. Le comparatif de well est

a) weller
b) better
c) worst
d) best

2. Le comparatif de good est

a) best
b) gooder
c) more good
d) better

3. Le superlatif de fast est

a) fastest
b) most fast
c) fast
d) faster

4. Le superlatif de amazing est

a) amazingest
b) most amazing
c) more amazing
d) amazinggest

5. Le superlatif de badly est

a) most badly
b) worse
c) badliest
d) worst

6. Le superlatif de much est

a) most
b) muchest
c) many
d) most much

7. Le comparatif de grateful est

a) gratefuller
b) gratefuler
c) more grateful
d) most grateful

8. Le comparatif de early est

a) more early
b) earlyer
c) earlier
d) earlyest

9. Le comparatif de ugly est

a) uglyer
b) ugliest
c) more ugly
d) uglier

10. Le comparatif de happily est

a) happilier
b) more happily
c) happilyer
d) happier


Mettre ‘must + infinitive’ (pour parler du présent) ou ‘must + have + participe passé’ (pour parler du passé):

  1. Hiromi always does really well on exams. She must  a lot.
  2. That woman drives a very expensive car. She must  a lot of money.
  3. You must  a lot before you gave your speech. It was really good.
  4. When Linda got home yesterday there were flowers on the table. Her husband must  them.
  5. Where is my coat? I saw it earlier, so it must  in this room.
  6. Tina couldn’t find her keys. She thought she must  them at her office.
  7. It must  hot outside. That man in the street is just wearing a tee-shirt.
  8. All my plants must   dead! I forgot to water them before I went on holiday.
  9. Kelly is so late! She must  the bus!
  10. There’s rubbish all over my garden! A cat must  in the bin.
  11. Sandra has a huge library in her house. She must  books.
  12. Oh no, I don’t have my glasses! I must  them in the train.
  13. When Wendy got home, she found the ice cream had melted. It must  too hot in the car.
  14. If you haven’t eaten all day, you must  hungry.
  15. Martin and Sonya must  very tired. They have a new baby.
  16. It must  a lot in the night. There are puddles everywhere.
  17. Simon must  happy. His girlfriend just agreed to marry him.
  18. What an amazing kitchen you’ve got! You must  cooking.
  19. Quentin must  all the cookies! There are none left.
  20. When I got up this morning, the kitchen was spotless. Sarah must  it before she went to bed last night.


Complétez le tableau suivant:

comparatif superlatif


Remplissez les cases avec les adjectifs suivants:

Resourceful Greedy Illiterate Useless Unforgettable Energetic Sleepless
Priceless Quarrelsome Dangerous Courageous Daily Literate unpopular

1. A man of great courage => A   man

2. A night in which you could not sleep at all => A  night

3. A person who cannot read and write => A/An  person

4. A gift of immense value => A  gift

5. An experience which you cannot forget => An  experience

6. A person whom nobody likes => A/An  person

7. A newspaper that comes out every day => A   newspaper

8. A person who can read and write => A  person

9. A person who is always quarreling with everyone => A  person

10. A person who is never content with what he has and wants more and more => A  person

11. A person who is good at finding solutions to problems => A  person


Choisissez le pronom démonstratif qui convient: 

1.  girls are in my class.
a) this
b) these

2.  oranges are very sweet.
a) this
b) these

3. I like  color.
a) this
b) these

4. Where shall we hang  paintings?
a) that
b) those

5. Can you help me carry  boxes?
a) this
b) these

6. Are  bananas ripe?
a) this
b) these

7.  cats are beautiful.
a) these
b) this

8.  were the best days of my life.
a) that
b) those

9.  was an interesting story.
a) that
b) this

10. Can you help me clean  room?
a) this
b) these


1. Les enfants ont faim ! 
2. Qu’aimerais-tu faire ? 
3. Le lundi, les boutiques de l’hôtel sont fermées. 
4. Je suis d’accord avec vous ! 
5. Ne restez pas au soleil ! 
6. Ca fait mal? 
7. Je dois partir à 16 heures. 
8. Fumer dans cette zone est interdit. 
9. Combien coûte cette carte postale? 
10. La boutique est ouverte de 13 à 17 heures. 


  1. 1. Cette école est intéressante. ⇒ 
  2. 2. A qui sont ces lunettes? ⇒ 
  3. 3. La mer est bleue. ⇒ 
  4. 4. Demain,je vais à l’école. ⇒ 
  5. 5. Nous sommes dans la même classe. ⇒ 
  6. 6. Je ne suis pas un casse-pied. ⇒ 
  7. 7. Je suis né en France. ⇒ 
  8. 8. Il vient de Paris. ⇒ 
  9. 1. Cette école est intéressante. ⇒ 
  10. 2. A qui sont ces lunettes? ⇒ 
  11. 3. La mer est bleue. ⇒ 
  12. 4. Demain,je vais à l’école. ⇒ 
  13. 5. Nous sommes dans la même classe. ⇒ 
  14. 6. Je ne suis pas un casse-pied. ⇒ 
  15. 7. Je suis né en France. ⇒ 
  16. 8. Il vient de Paris. ⇒ 
  17. 1. Cette école est intéressante. ⇒ 
  18. 2. A qui sont ces lunettes? ⇒ 
  19. 3. La mer est bleue. ⇒ 
  20. 4. Demain,je vais à l’école. ⇒ 
  21. 5. Nous sommes dans la même classe. ⇒ 
  22. 6. Je ne suis pas un casse-pied. ⇒ 
  23. 7. Je suis né en France. ⇒ 
  24. 8. Il vient de Paris. ⇒ 


1. parce que
2. a pour origine
3. en raison de
4. faute de
5. étant donné
6. puisque
7. a eu pour conséquence
8. c’est xxx qui a provoqué
9. de telle sorte que
10. grâce à


comparatif superlatif
dark darker darkest
nice nicer nicest
heavy heavier heaviest
beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
bad worse worst


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