Exercices débutant anglais poser des questions (2/2)


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Choisissez entre what, where, why, when, how pour former des questions:

  1.  do you like best? Pizza or pasta?
  2.  does Bill get up in the morning? (He gets up at 6am.)
  3.  don’t you go by bus, Paul?  (Because it’s too far.)
  4.  hobbies does Tina have?  (She likes music and tennis.)
  5.  do they go to every week? (They go to the pub.)
  6.  old is John?  (He is 25 years old.)
  7.  is Eric’s birthday?  (It’s next week.)
  8.  are my english books?  (They are on the table.)
  9.  are you doing at the moment? (I’m watching TV.)
  10.  do the Simpsons live?  (They live in Springfield.)
  11.  is the weather like today?
  12.  don’t you like orange juice?
  13.  about a walk through the park?
  14.  is my phone, Dad?
  15.  do you like your tea?

  1. What do you like best? Pizza or pasta?
  2. When does Bill get up in the morning?  He gets up at 6am.
  3. Why don’t you go by bus, Paul? Because it’s too far.
  4. What hobbies does Tina have? She likes music and tennis.
  5. Where do they go to every week?  They go to the pub.
  6. How old is John? He is 25 years old.
  7. When is Eric’s birthday?  It’s next week.
  8. Where are my english books? They are on the table.
  9. What are you doing at the moment?  I’m watching TV.
  10. Where do the Simpsons live? They live in Springfield.
  11. What is the weather like today?
  12. Why don’t you like orange juice?
  13. What about a walk through the park?
  14. Where is my phone, Dad?
  15. How do you like your tea?

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