Exercices débutant anglais verbes ing (2/2)


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Complétez les phrases suivantes avec la forme en -ing des verbes entre parenthèses. Pensez à mettre le verbe auxiliaire qui convient si c’est nécessaire, au présent ou au passé (is, am, are, was ou were)


  • What are you doing there? I ___________ (write) a letter.
  • => I am writing a letter.
  1. Can you eat without (open)  your mouth?
  2. Tina is good at (paint) .
  3. he avoided the car by (walk)  on the opposite side of the road.
  4. We arrived in Paris after (drive)  all night.
  5. My boss decided against (postpone) his trip to Italy.
  6. There’s no point in (wait) .
  7. In spite of (miss)  the train, we arrived on time.
  8. We often have a holiday in the mountains. We love (ski) .
  9. I hate (cycle) . I gave my old bike to my sister.
  10. I like (run)  in the park, it’s good exercise.
  11. I prefer (swim)  in the lake.
  12. Sam hates (shop) .
  13. My mum can use email, but she prefers (write)  letters.
  14. Tommy likes (listen)  to audio books when he is working out.
  15. My dad sometimes likes (watch)  tennis on TV.

  1. opening
  2. painting.
  3. walking
  4. driving
  5. postponing
  6. waiting.
  7. missing
  8. skiing
  9. cycling
  10. running
  11. swimming
  12. shopping
  13. writing
  14. listening
  15. watching

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