Exercices débutant anglais poser des questions (1/2)

Exercices débutant anglais: poser des questions

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Posez des questions sur les mots soulignés:

Exemple: The students play soccer. => What do the students play?

  1. Tom is writing a letter.
  2. He walks home from work.
  3. The neighbors are sitting in the garden.
  4. Tina runs with her friend on Sundays.
  5. They go to school by train.
  6. Sam likes dogs because they are nice.
  7. Kenny isn’t sleeping at home tonight.
  8. They are going to the park.
  9. I’m leaving tomorrow.
  10. Paul and Sam are playing soccer in the garden.
  11. They are going home.
  12. Mr Smith has been living in Paris for five years.
  13. The store will be closed until next month.
  14. Richard usually gets up at 7.30 am.
  15. Every evening grand-mother watches TV.
  16. He is opening a present.
  17. The girls are hiding under the table.
  18. Yesterday Tina and Paul went to the swimming pool.
  19. The plane is landing at the airport.
  20. My phone is ringing .

  1. What is Tom writing?
  2. Who walks home from work?
  3. Where are the neighbors sitting?
  4. When does Tina run with her friend?
  5. How do they go to school?
  6. Why does Sam like dogs?
  7. Who isn’t sleeping at home tonight?
  8. Where are they going?
  9. When are you leaving?
  10. What are Paul and Sam playing in the garden?
  11. Where are they going?
  12. Who has been living in Paris for five years?
  13. How long will the store be closed? / Until when the store will be closed?
  14. When does Richard usually get up?
  15. Who watches TV every evening?
  16. What is he opening?
  17. Where are the girls hiding?
  18. When did Tina and Paul go to the swimming pool?
  19. Where is the plane landing?
  20. What is ringing?

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