Exercice there is there are anglais

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Complétez les phrases avec is there ou are there:

  1.  anything for me?
  2.  any way to solve this issue?
  3.  a toilet on this train?
  4.  any trains to London this morning?
  5.  monkeys in the zoo?
  6.  a lot of people in this elevator?
  7.  any keys in that drawer?
  8.  milk in the fridge?
  9.  anything else you’d like?
  10.  much pollution where you live?

Puis complétez les phrases suivantes avec there isn’t ou there aren’t:

  1.  many people in the streets.
  2.  any butter in the fridge.
  3.  any plates on the table.
  4.  any beer in the bottle.
  5.  any tea in the cup.

  1. Is there
  2. Are there
  3. Is there
  4. Are there
  5. Are there
  6. Are there
  7. Are there
  8. Is there
  9. Is there
  10. Is there
  1. There aren’t
  2. There isn’t
  3. There aren’t
  4. There isn’t
  5. There isn’t

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