exercice much many

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Too, too much ou too many ? Complétez les phrases suivantes:

1. The coffee is  hot for me.

2. I put down the backpack because it was  heavy.

3. The beach is very crowded, there’s just  people!

4. Children spend  time watching TV.

5. I arrived  late.

6. There are a lot of cars in your city, aren’t there? Yes, .

7. You’ve put  salt in the soup.

8. Was there   noise in the library?

9. He is  old to play video games.

10. I did  mistakes.

  1. too
  2. too
  3. too many
  4. too much
  5. too
  6. too many
  7. too much
  8. too much
  9. too
  10. too many

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